Friday, December 5, 2008

Local 138

138 Ludlow St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-0280

Bathroom situation
- 3 individualized, unisex bathrooms in the back. All with enough girth to take care of whatever business needeth to be taken care of.
Takes credit cards? - With enthusiasm.
Crowded on weekends? - Yes, but not terrible. Given that it's across the street from the velveteen rope'd Libation, you'd think there'd be more overflow traffic, but it's surprisingly manageable at all times.
Wifi? - nyope.
Seating - Standard sized bar with 2 window-viewed-up booths, plus 2 more tables and scattered chairs.
Neighborhood - On the crossroads of the officially-cool and the monied non-elite.
Type of crowd - Mad chill, homie. You could seriously enter this place, make a $100,000 (or below) business deal and walk out without ever catching the name of anyone.
Pretentious/assholes - If they're here, they keep to themselves.
Cost of Stella - $5/pint, homie.
What time people start showing up - 10ish.
Bartender efficiency - 2 bartenders working an unaccountably large/well-stocked bar, but not really any problem making eye contact.
Official Website - n/a. And they're prolly better off keeping it this way.
Food? How late - Nope. And Visceralist DOES NOT recommend the burger place next door.
TVs? What's on - 2 flatscreens, both showing LOST last time Visceralist was there.
Guy/girl ratio - 60/40. Do NOT expect girls to randomly waltz into this place. They're only coming because someone done brung 'em there.
Toys - por nada. So please come with (aka make up) a good story.
Age of clientele - 20s official.
Space for dancing - nah, this is the type of place to come to when your behind is downright, gosh-darn pooped from shaking all night, ya know?
D├ęcor - looks like a set from an early 1990s straight-to-vhs movie called "Last Call (for Lust)"
Grimeyness - wannabe cleanly. That is, the lighting makes it difficult to see any dirt that may, in actual fact, be present.
ID check procedure - standard ID-checkin' bouncer.
Hood specificity - LES (but the part where you'll overhear a lot of "Psshhh, this ain't THAT cool. I know this little spot in...")
Music medium, style & volume - Bartender's choice vis a vis a strategically placed Personal Digital Media Player. Non-offensive modern arena rock shit last time Visceralist was there. It won't get in your way, player.
Specials or most popular drink - happy hour: they don't advertise it but it's half price beers till like 10pm weekdays. Sorry for being so vague, but $3 Stella pints will make you forget a lot of specifics.
Profile - Google first page results: reviews by Citysearch, NY Mag, Yelp, New York On Tap, Club Planet, Shecky's, Trip Advisor & Urban Spoon (but no page to call their own...weak sauce).

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