Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reader Feedback Fridays

We get a gang of e-comments/criticisms/feedback here at Visceralist and like to take the time to respond to our fans from time to time. OK, so if you believe that, here's an e-letter we got recently:

"Whatup. I just wanna say that y'all really know how to put the pumps in the bumps. That's a Pittsburgh expression, so let me explain. Pardon my candor, but you really know how to make a guy feel like he's really getting obliterated at one of NYC's many fine, Aqua di Gio scented establishments. You guys are so fuckin awesome, just...goddamn! Y'all should be invited to join Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergs and all that shit. Better yet, you should be invited to join that secret shit [ed. had to censor the real name of this shit] that only the real muthafuckas get invited to cuz they're so damn gully. The shit the internet doesn't even know about. AND THEN turn them down. Just had to get that off my chest." - Quentin, PA.

Dear Q,

You used the word "candor" wrong.

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