Friday, April 23, 2010

Full Circle Bar

318 Grand St (btw Havemeyer & Marcy)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(347) 725-4588

Bathroom situation - one in the front room and one in the back room. Both unisex and both are surprisingly clean like whoa. I gotta stop to make water, Ms. Daisy!!!
Takes credit cards? - yeah, but make sure to bring a grip with you here cuz them skee-ball lanes will beckon your ass like whoa.
Crowded on weekends? - if it ain't league playoff finals or some shit then you'll be fine. Speaking of playoffs, fuck is up with the Cavs droppin game 3 in the Chi?! Fuck Noah and his dandruff.
Seating - the standard complement in the front bar and bleachers in the back, yo.
Neighborhood - it's in Wburg near Marcy ave, but it ain't that serious.
Pretentious/assholes - nah, everyone here was really helpful with explaining skee-ball rules, scoring and shit.
Cost of Stella -they had some deal on Miller Lite, so we didn't order any of that good-good, but their menu says it's $6 and 5.0% ABV.
What time people start showing up - is Ludlow St. really ground zero for STDs in NYC? Cuz Visceralist knows some fools out in Bushwick that wouldn't even know where to get a condom...let alone how to put one on properly...SMDH.
Bartender efficiency - two bartenders in front that know their way around a crowd of sycophants trying to get their attention. J/k, it never gets that crowded. Love the skee-ball panelling around the edges of the bar, tho.
Official Website - here. Totally adequate.
Food? How late - nah, but they do have a fucking extensive menu of all their drinks and shit on the site. Like seriously, down to the bottle opener.
TVs? What's on - yes, and for some reason showing b&w surveillance footage. May have been a viral promo for the new Splinter Cell game tho, not sure.
Guy:girl ratio - casual skee-ball seems to attract chicks like a Hot Chip/XX show at T5 or some shit. Btw, "Intro" may be one of the best hip hop beats of the past decade. Shouts out to Wait What.
Toys - Skeeball is a popular game. Lots of people play Skeeball. $1 will get you 9 balls at a swap.
Age of clientele - pretty sure the legal age requirement for skee-ball is like 9-14 in most counties in the US. So, here you'll mostly find people who were traumatized in one way or another during that period in their life.
Space for dancing? - victory dances only. There's technically enough room to bus' a c-walk here, but you'd just be confusing people. Save that for like S 4th and Havemeyer if you must.
Music medium, style & volume - how disappointing were both Drake & Nicki Minaj's debut singles from their new albums? Also, how thick are Antawn Jamison's eyebrows?
Specials or most popular drink - they don't appear to have a drink called The Skee Ball, which is just triflin'.

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