Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dixon Place

161 Chrystie (btw Delancey & Rivington)
NYC, NY 10002

Bathroom situation - just past the lounge area which itself is just past the bar in front (on your right). There’s a communal unisex area with a shared basin that is abutted on its left and its right with 2 single-person closets each. So 4 total. Ladies, bear in mind that the far one on the left only contains a urinal, so unless you’re the kind of nasty girl who celebrates when the guy fingering you in the bathroom stops to pull his now blood-soaked fingers up to your face (like from epsiode 2 of Girls), then I suggest waiting for one of the other 3. Cuz that’s nasty.
Takes credit cards? - not at the bar, no. The area is replete with standalone ATMs, but Visceralist doesn’t fuck with them cuz of all those local news reports about card-skimmers which probably exaggerate the problem, but why risk it, just go to a bank. There’s a BofA and two Chase branches 3 blocks East on Delancey St.
Crowded on weekends? - so Dixon Place does double duty as a bar & theatre space. The performance space downstairs holds a gang of people, and as we all know, after the show it’s the after-party, and since there’s a bar right upstairs from the show, that’s where the after-party be at.
Seating - 10 or so stools around the bar and a large, mock-persian-carpeted area on the street-level. Seating for about 90 in the performance area.
Neighborhood - right on the LES/SoHo border so expect to get bypassed by yellow cabs and gouged by gypsy cabs. So fuck it, just move down here. 

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