Monday, January 7, 2013

Shitty Video Reconsidered: Limp Bizkit - "Nookie"

As aggravating as it is to everyone involved, sometimes you're right to be preemptively defensive about your personal tastes. Some unpopular things are fucking worth it. Limp Bizkit isn't one of these things, but I'll be goddamned if they don't make for a decent bloggy cudgel in this regard. And yeah, we all know, dude throws the same "and I'm the only one..." cadence in every song, but damn, this North-Florida bolo found a way to make millions off that shit. And you mad. So here's why you're wrong, as evidenced by a fantastic analysis of the video for their best song, "Nookie."

0:00 - Ok, so yeah they only got signed to a major (Universal) on the strength of a cover - which is trifling, but shit, YOLO, so get it how you get it. Anyway, "Nookie" is a cheapy video by major label standards. The camera filter probably cost more than all of the extras combined.

0:31 - Durst "directed" this shit with his ego-maniacal ass, and it shows. He is all in the video. He did do a solid job of synching his diddy-boppin-through-the-streets scenes with the beat tho.

0:33 - First shot of Wes Borland, who's also pop-lockin to the beat. So, ok, I'll just come out and say it, Wes-dawg and his costumes and his variable guitar tunings were the only thing giving this band any kind of legitimacy. Apologies in advance for using this lazy trope, but he was the Andre 3000 to Durst-dawg's Big Boi. But only sorta. Borland's solo and side project stuff is an offense to both the bass and treble clef and it's clear that Durst-dawg was an indefatigable fixer, sculpting WB's indulgences into something one could happily diddy-bop to. And it worked!

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