Monday, November 24, 2008

Alligator Lounge

600 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-4440

Bathroom situation
- 2, one multi-person male, one multi-person female. Male has two urinals & one large stall. Women's has two small stalls. Both are grimey, but not totally OCD-inducing.
Takes credit cards (min) - Yes
Crowded on weekends - Yes, due to the free pizza it's crowded most nights, but never really jammed up due to its lack of cool-cache (which is also due to it's free pizza).
Wifi - no.
Seating - 10-15 stools at the bar plus 4 booths and one table in front room. 4 or 5 tables in the back room, which is good for larger groups.
Neighborhood - the Lorimer stop on the L train lets out right in front of this place, so you know what it is. Relatively safe though you'll only be able to pick up a gypsy cab here.
Type of crowd - mostly people from the hood, fairly low-key. A friend told me that an acquaintance of hers had sex on the pool table, but that was after-hours and the person she did it to worked there, so it was all above board...what?
Pretentious/assholes - real cool crowd that is generally respectful and, at times, friendly. Except around the pizza-dispensing area. It can get chaotic-like around there, plus the heat from the oven doesn't help.
Cost of Stella -$6
What time people start showing up - 9-10ish. Though there's a decent crowd throughout the day due to the aforemention'd pizzas.
Bartender efficiency - at least 2 bartenders at the bar and they're generally not too overburdened cuz this place attracts a beer-sip-sippin crowd.
Official Website - Here. It's a MySpace page, and it's just as cheesy as that domain implies.
Food? How late - yes, pizza with all the standard toppings (no feta though, which is straight failz0rspwndl33t!) and it goes all night. You get a free cheese pizza ticket with each drink you buy. If you want toppings, it's $2 extra per pie and you pay for that at the bar. You then take your ticket to the dudes at the oven and wait patiently and you don't act an asshole to them cuz they get ran ragged in front of a hot-ass oven over the course of the whole night, every night. Parm, salt, basil, etc are in plastic trays that are in various spots around the bar.
TVs? What's on - a couple over the bar in the front room. Usually sports, but sometimes movies/current events.
Guy/girl ratio - 60/'s a cheap first date place. Guy to girl: "Tell you what, rather than make this awkward, why don't you just buy the drinks and I'll take care of the pizzas. I'll have a Stella."
Toys - pool table, touchscreen casual-game console, Buck Hunter, karaoke on Tuesdays.
Age of clientele - 20s.
Space for dancing? - yes, in the back. But you'll be playing the DJ vis a vis the Jukebox...and dancing by yourself.
D├ęcor - no frills. Front room is dark but fun, back room is usually empty so couples can get some ladies, leave the panties in the panty-drawer!
Grimeyness - Visceralist's ideal level. Btw their a/c broke down for an extended period during the summer '08, so the stank was a factor. No word on whether or not that's been fixed.
ID check procedure - cool bouncer.
Hood specificity - NeWBurg
Music medium, style & volume - Juke in front & back but sometimes you have to ask them to turn them on. The volume is loud enough to pay attention to, but quiet enough to impress girls over it if need be. The juke is an mp3 dealie which for some reason only has 3 or 4 songs by most of the available artists.
Drink specials - free pizza with each drink purchase. You won't eat as much as you think you might though.
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