Monday, November 24, 2008

Sixth Ward

191 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 228-9888

Bathroom situation
- 3 bathrooms: one multi-person male with two urinals and one stall. One single-person women's. One single-person unisex. Unisex is prolly your best bet since most people don't seem to notice it as it's slightly away from the other two. The men's is typical LES grungy. FYI, the stall door doesn't lock.
Take credit cards? - Yes, $20 min.
Crowded on weekends? - Yes, but it's pretty large so it feels reasonable. Low-ceiling-phobes beware.
Wifi? - Nah, right.
Seating - 15-20 at their large bar. 5 booths and 3 tables in the main area. 3 benches in the pool table/pinball machine area. Tons of space in the outdoor area in the back, but tends to get cold in the winter.
Neighborhood - heart of the LES, tons of action Wed-Sat. Hella cops hangin out (plain-clothed and otherwise) most evenings.
Type of crowd - Well dressed. Like, seriously. Like American Apparel mixed with genuine H&M.
Pretentious/assholes? - a good mix, but yeah veers towards pretentiousy.
Cost of Stella - $6/pint
Time people start showing up - 10pm.
Bartender efficiency - surprisingly good at the bar considering the crowds. Usually 3 bartenders working busy nights. If you're in a booth, you're stuck with wait service which is chopped & screwed slow. Slow enough, however, they they likely won't notice if you go get a drink at the bar and bring it back to the table.
Official Website - only a brokeass MySpace page (really?) :
# of people there drinking alone - 1.
Food? How late - yes, it's essentially a robust appetizer menu.
TVs? What's on - sports, like whatever's trendy at the time.
Guy/girl ratio - 60/40
Toys - touchscreen casual-game console, pool, pinball, coin-operated punching bag.
Age of clientele - late 20s.
Space for dancing? - hell no, but they don't play that kind of music anyway.
D├ęcor - from the picnic tables, to the paneling to the booths, they got lots of wood. Otherwise, the typical loungey-like lighting.
Grimeyness - they try to keep it clean, but there's still a pinch of LES dive bar grime.
ID check procedure - low-key bouncer (on the weekends at least).
Hood specificity - NoLes aka FauxLes
Music medium, style & volume - juke/ipod combo. Mostly indie rock. Can be little hard to talk over, but not painful. Outdoor area is music-free.
Jukebox - mp3'd up, large selection.
Drink Specials - kiwi-infused vodka shots: $5. Happy hour: 2 for 1 drinks 12-4pm.
Google's first page results- reviews by CitySearch, TimeOut, Yelp, ClubPlanet, Sheckys, UrbanSpoon, New York on Tap.

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