Monday, November 24, 2008

Lounge 87

87 Ludlow St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 995-1172

Bathroom situation
- 2 large unisex bathrooms. Lots of graffiti, but not too dirty.
Takes credit cards? - No
Crowded on weekends? - I don't believe I've ever seen this place in any sort of condition that could be described as "crowded" or any synonym thereof.
Wifi? - this place is more on some modem status.
Seating - 10 stools at the bar, but they have a large back room that has ample seating which is never filled.
Neighborhood - This spot is located on an otherwise empty block and across the street from a parking lot (where some group does bootleg Shakespeare plays in the summer). Still firmly within the parameters of the LES.
Type of crowd - friends of the bartenders, losers, general riff-raff. But nice folks.
Pretentious/assholes - I don't think the people who come here have the time or energy to be assholes.
Cost of Stella - n/a (short for non-applicable)
What time people start showing up - please...
Bartender efficiency - one or two bartenders most nights and given the (lack of) crowd you'd think that you would never have to wait for a drink, but they stay chattin with their friends all night. Still not much of a wait tho.
Official Website - here. In which they claim to offer bottle service...which is hilarious.
Food? How late - menu contains 5 appetizers including a $35 Pupu Platter.
TVs? What's on - 2 flat screens, mostly playing Adult Swim and random movies.
Guy/girl ratio - 60/40 [note: ratio only applies when more than 5 people are in the bar at the same time].
Toys - n/a (see above for definition)
Age of clientele - 20s-30s
Space for dancing? - a modest dance floor in the back space. Due to the usual "crowd" however, you'll never be able to use the "Oops, sorry I bumped into you, totally unintentional...this place is jammed tonight, right?" excuse.
D├ęcor - they put about as much effort into it as I feel like putting into this review.
Grimeyness - maybe a little better than the grime level at the fast food places in the Herald Square area. Maybe.
ID check procedure - n/a
Hood specificity - SoLes
Music medium, style & volume - eclectic shit coming from the bartender's iPod all the way, mate. Volume won't be an issue cuz there's a good chance the tunes will be the most interesting thing going on. No Juke.
Drink Specials - happy hour:
Profile - Google first page results.

Update: Visceralist went there this past Saturday and it was actually jumpin. Guy to girl ratio was more like 80/20 though, so...


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Unknown said...

Does anyone remember when Lounge 87 @ 87 Ludlow opened?