Monday, November 24, 2008

Lucky Jack's

129 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-6555

Bathroom situation
- 2 upstairs: 1 men, 1 women, both single-person, both extra medium as far as cleanliness. 2 downstairs: 1 men multi-person, 1 women multi-person, also clean. Note: the downstairs space is often booked for private parties so you'll often have to wait for the upstairs bathrooms, which can be a drag on an otherwise great bar.
Takes credit cards (min?)? - Yes
Crowded on weekends? - Yeah, and it can be difficult to navigate, though the Allen St. side is generally less packed.
Wifi? - no
Seating - the building extends the length of the block from Orchard St. to Allen St. and the bar extends most of that length as well, so there's a gang of seats at the bar, but they get yoinked up quickly. There's also 3 tables in the front and 2 in the back, also with bar stools.
Neighborhood - middle of the LES with entrances on both Allen & Orchard streets. Allen is your best bet for picking up cabs or the M15 uptown bus.
Type of crowd - those among us with Midwestern roots will feel oddly at home here most nights.
Pretentious/assholes - you'll occasionally hear the odd dude outside the bar yelling at some female that been done him wrong, but otherwise a likable crowd.
Cost of Stella -$6/pint
What time people start showing up - 11ish. Earlier if there's a playoff game (or equivalent thereof) going on in the pro-sports world.
Bartender efficiency - 2-3 bartenders who all work the entire length of the bar, which is prolly rough on them, but they're adept at keeping up with demand. Btw, I saw the one bartender who looks like he's the guitarist in an Evanescence-type band hop over the bar and handle some damn business one night (with someone who was acting an asshole) and it was wild gully. He's a cool guy too.
Official Website - Here. A little out of date (Summer '06 photos in the Gallery), and not entirely necessary for a standard-issue bar like this, but cute.
Food? How late - nope. Stella's like liquid pumpkin pie tho. And they have Stella btw.
TVs? What's on - 5 flat screens full up of sports sports sports. If it's not too crowded they'll take channel-change requests. As long as the request is sports.
Guy/girl ratio - 60/40. Despite the TV situation, LJ's doesn't exactly have the sports bar vibe that turns some girls off.
Toys - pool table, touchscreen casual-game console. They do pool tournaments here on Wednesdays too.
Age of clientele - 20s-30s
Space for dancing? - only downstairs in the private party area. And that space has more of a lounge feel to it, so the atmosphere veers more towards the conversational.
D├ęcor - low-key sports bar disguised as a trendy LES bar and almost pulls it off.
Grimeyness - a bit grimey for a sports bar, but clean for an LES bar, so...
ID check procedure - bouncers on the weekends.
Hood specificity - LES
Music medium, style & volume - indie rock and nuveaux-classic rock, mostly run via the bartender's iPod with a safety DJ on Fri & Sat nites. The conversation of the crowd is prolly gonna eclipse the music volume on any given night. Not necessarily a bad thing. No jukebox.
Drink specials - happy hour: 12-8pm $3 Bud, Bud Light & Miller. $4 Red Hook.
Profile - Google first page results.

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