Thursday, January 29, 2009


41 1st Avenue (btw 2nd & 3rd)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-0437

Bathroom situation
- 2 in the back. Both gutter as all hell, which is surprising cuz the rest of the bar is wild acceptable. Do NOT come here if your Bs have to M.
Takes credit cards? - Joyfully.
Crowded on weekends? - yes, but in the warmer months the outdoor backyard area mitigates this considerably.
Seating - 10ish seats at the bar, 3 small tables in the front, 1 booth in the back. In the summer, however, this is one of the best outdoor bars in NYC cuz their back yardie-yard is the truth. Ample seating and acceptable wait service.
Neighborhood - A short jog away from both a Hells Angels lodge and an NYPD precinct.
Type of crowd - comprised of those who can afford beers that (a) are from continents without the word "America" in them and (b) don't advertise in magazines. [ed. that's supposed to be funny?]
Pretentious/assholes - attracts its fair share of bald(ing) men, so if they are jerks they at least have a reason. With their bald ass. Which reminds us, Kevin Hart has claimed that Jamie Foxx "draws his hair." Is this a thing? He also claims that if movie studio execs figured out where Jamie Foxx's hairline really starts, he would stop getting movie roles. Killt it.
Cost of Stella - for all the fucking beers they have here (and they do have a gang of them), they don't have Stella. Baffling. They usually recommend Jever as a substitute, but really...
What time people start showing up - somehow this place is always well attended.
Bartender efficiency - the chick bartenders here are unreasonably hot, so you know how that goes...
Official Website - here. Quite adept. Plus it features a live webcam that's pointed at the front of the bar. Watch dudes get rejected in stop-motion!
Food? How late - no, likely cuz their drink menu is so big that it takes up all the room they might use to store chicken fingers.
TVs? What's on - won't be able to see LeBron chalking it up here, doc.
Guy/girl ratio - judging from the webcams current viewpoint, 70/30.
Toys - the backyard seems suitable for some horseplay or rough-housing or mischief or cavorting, but otherwise nope.
Age of clientele - late 20s plus old-heads.
Space for dancing - no, this is more like the kind of place where you come after you've been dancing to relax and roast that one desperate guy who was trying to grind on a bunch of different girls. Even the fugly girls wanted nothing to do with his lonely ass. Kill yourself, doc.
D├ęcor - most of the effort has clearly been thrust into the chalkboard drink-list, but it's still fairly upstanding.
Grimeyness - decent...the bathrooms are an outlier.
ID check procedure - Conducted competently on the weekends. Otherwise negligible.
Hood specificity - The part of the EV that thinks its gully...needs to take a trip over to Pitt St.
Music medium, style & volume - Ignorable.
Specials or most popular drink - too lazy to check the website, but presumably your standard nonsense.

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