Friday, January 8, 2010

Best of 2009

Since apparently doing belated Best-Of 2009 lists is the new shit, Visceralist is gettin it how we get it. Commenters, this is for y'all. Normal reviews are back next week.

Bathroom situation
- in a fuckin landslide: Spitzer's.
Takes credit cards? - cuz they never been did Visceralist wrong: Lucky Jack's.
Crowded on weekends?- even though it sucks, it's never crowded: Mug Lounge.
Seating- cuz most of the jerks here will be standing in front of a cabinet, trying to disremember that time they actually got caught up in some bully/nerd shit you usually only see on TV...damn. Barcade FTW.
Neighborhood- Some people seem to think Williamsburg is on the come up, but really it's just a diversion from what everyone knows. If Santogold lived here, it'd be "Ludlow, we go hard, we go hard..."
Pretentious/assholes- this may be a blaspheme unto the Lord, but The Blue Seats really seems to attract cats who come to a bar with a fuckin purpose. Now...rap about that, Santigold.
Cost of Stella - there's no losers here, cuz it's $6 across the board. Btw, say what you will, but Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman" should've been in prettymuch everyone's Best Albums of 2008 list. Just sayin.
What time people start showing up - Epstein's. People seem to be here all the damn time.
Bartender efficiency- Lucky Jack's FTW. Always reminds Visceralist of the quote by Cam'Ron..."Golly, I'm gully."
Official Website -
Food? How late - No hesitations: Destination.
TVs? What's on- giving this to Lucky Jack's, just cuz they're really effin accomodating.
Guy:girl ratio - Sweet Paradise. Get it how you live.
Age of clientele- Visceralist thinks you'll get the best variety at Marshall Stack.
Space for dancing? - People Lounge. They know how to get it in.
ID Check Procedure- 87 Lounge. This place just reopened after being shut for a 'renovation' (looks exactly the same) any event, they need that guap like whoa...
Music medium, style & volume
- this is kinda a meh category cuz no one really drops that 808 like Visceralist would have it...Piano's is the closest tho. Upstairs.
Specials or most popular drink - Local 138 has $3 Stellas till like 9pm every night, so...

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